About the NFAHW Council

The Council was formed in 2010 as an outcome of the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Strategy (2009).  It is a unique advisory group which is funded jointly by federal, provincial and industry/non-government stakeholders.  The Council provides advice on topics of importance to animal agriculture to the FPT Regulatory ADMs of Agriculture Committee and all other stakeholders.

Membership - Council members are designated by stakeholders and include federal, provincial and industry/non-government members from both animal health and welfare and public health sectors.  All issues are considered in a One Health context.

Strategic Direction - In 2014, the NFAHW Strategy was renewed to provide strategic direction until 2020.  Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 includes strategic outcomes and priorities. Stakeholders in Canada’s animal health and welfare system are engaged in achieving progress on the strategic outcomes and priorities.

Work areas – Council identifies work areas annually which are important to the animal health and welfare system and contribute to the priorities of the FPT Regulatory ADM of Agriculture Committee.  The work areas are developed by working groups which may be enhanced with the addition of external representation which technical or policy expertise.  Council is engaged by the working group during development and has final approval of the document and recommendations.  The Council thanks all who have participated in working groups to ensure the best understanding of the topic.

Annual Forum - The annual Council Forum is a vibrant meeting place for stakeholders in Canada’s animal health and welfare system providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in the work of Council. More importantly, the Forum also provides an opportunity for stakeholders to update participants on their organization’s activities which impact the strategic outcomes and priorities of Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020.

Appreciation - The Council extends its appreciation for the commitment of Council members and supporters to enhancing Canada’s animal health and welfare system.  Working together, we will achieve progress.