Plant and Animal Health Strategy (PAHS)

Developed in 2017, the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada (PAHS) provides a national vision to address and prevent evolving risks to plant and animal health in Canada. More specifically, it is a partnership-based strategy that reflects the commitment between governments, industry, academia, and other partners to protect plant and animal health. The Council has been asked to lead the coordination and reporting on Canada’s animal health progress as it pertains to the PAHS. As a result, the Council is now working towards transitioning the tools and information collected under the Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 Strategy to an approach that can be utilized to advance activities under the animal health component of the PAHS. In a recent pilot project, the Council began working with industry to pull some of this information together, however, more work is required to develop a comprehensive national progress report. 

Furthermore, since 2020, Council has been working with industry to develop Animal Health Canada, which aims to provide a new collaborative approach to animal health management. It envisions developing a holistic, results-driven governance model for animal health that will better ensure the health and well-being of Canada’s farmed animals. The strategy will be informed by and shaped with input from the livestock production value chain and federal, provincial, and territorial partners. It is therefore essential to consider how existing and newly developed evaluation and reporting frameworks can be used to facilitate reporting on this initiative for future national progress reports.  

The Council’s objectives are to: 

  • Develop a national animal health progress report that describes the activities, successes, and opportunities relating to the PAHS;
  • Capture stakeholder perspectives on the value and utility of the PAHS in guiding organizational planning, policies, and activities as it relates to animal health; and,
  • Facilitate conversations with Council members and stakeholders [CM1] in animal health and welfare, to facilitate strategic alignment in preparation for the NFAHW Council’s evolution to Animal Health Canada.

What is PAHS 

NFAHW Council Forum 2021 Session 2: Tuesday November 23rd, 2021: 11:00 - 14:00 EST

Forum session 2 will be an essential collaborative session to help guide strategic planning for the future of animal health and welfare in Canada - we hope all Forum registrants from Session 1 will make it a priority to attend and contribute their perspectives to this important discussion. 

A foundation for Animal Health Canada: the Plant and Animal Health Strategy - accomplishments and the road ahead This three-hour virtual session will build off Session 1 of the 2021 Forum by sharing updates on key animal health and welfare activities in Canada and describing Council’s Plant and Animal Health Strategy summary project. Participants will also be engaged in a facilitated discussion to help inform strategic planning and the path forward for animal health and welfare in Canada.

Session Facilitator: Steven RocheMSc, PhD.

There is no registration fee for this session

This session has been RACE approved for 2 hours of  continuing education (CE) credits

REGISTER HERE - registration for session 2 closes November 12th